Carolyn DeWitt

Carolyn DeWitt is a Vision Mover who thrives on guiding organizations and individuals to know and achieve “their success.” 

  • Certified and trained in the Technology of Teaming ® suite of tools.
  • 20+ years of Marketing and Sales leadership at two Fortune 50 companies.
  •  Leads VP Marketing and Sales National Leadership Strategy Summit (24-month program)   
  • Has provided practical solutions and tools to some of the world’s leaders in retail, food service, aviation, education and government institutions.          
  • Private Client Career Transition Coach – whether that be college to career, promotion navigation, or “second chapter” career execution.  She applies the Teamability ® tools and years of experience in career strategy to a range of clients from ages 20 – 60 in a broad range of industries and roles.   
  • Malcom Baldrige National Award winner for Business Performance Excellence.
  • Journalism Degree from University of Florida with a specialization in Corporate Communications and Crisis Management.
  • Former Member of AT&T International Corporate Communications and Public Relations Corp.
  • Has advised more than 100 organizations on effective preparedness and strategies for responding to business and brand crises, natural and man-made disasters.