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President at TECH II • Springfield, OH (Manufacturing - Plastic Containers)

"In 2013 our company was at a crossroads. Bill helped me navigate through that crossroads – successfully. He helped me hire and re-build the executive/management Team. He helped me align my own behaviors, skills and experience for the betterment of TECH II, its stakeholders – and for me personally. He encouraged me to look forward and imagine the future and what it could become. We have had successive quarters of trending sales growth in exactly the types of business we wanted. We’ve also had successive, trending growth in profitability. Our KPI’s are up, our Vision is clear and the Mission is sustainable.”

Vice President • Senior Financial Advisor • FTB Advisors, Inc.

"We were introduced to Teamability® through Carolyn DeWitt of Coherent Counsel and initially did a team analysis to get a snapshot of our current team make-up.  Since then, we have been using several aspects of the individual reports to gain unique insight as we add new talent.  Once hired, we use the reports to help assign responsibilities based on their “Role” and “Teaming Characteristics” – and as a valuable resource for on boarding our new members. 

"Much of the growth in our division of the bank is expected to come from “Strategic Teams.”  These teams are a relatively new approach for us.  Using Teamability ® has been extremely helpful in hiring and forming these teams which are aligned for high performance.  I have encouraged several of my colleagues to apply the insights that these tools provide and it has been effective in a number of areas across the state and in several different business divisions.  I recommended to clients and associates that they use Carolyn and Teamability ® before they hire anyone."    

Founder • CEO • Relationship Builder at Staffing as a Mission, LLC (Staffing: Technology & Healthcare)

“Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and insight in his coaching. I have grown in my professional development immeasurably through his careful questioning and encouragement. He has the unique ability to ask the difficult questions and allow his clients the freedom to think through hard situations, all the while offering poignant thoughts and strategic solutions.”

President & CEO • Siloam Family Health Center

"Over the past several years Teamability ® has become an integral part of our strategy to recruit, retain, and optimize work experiences for our greatest asset – our staff.   Although no tool is perfect, the insights yielded by the Teamability ® profiles have been invaluable, and the contextualized debriefing and team coaching from Lynn Henderson and Coherent Counsel have helped us to pursue our mission more effectively than ever.  We highly recommend them!"

CEO & COO at 3n1media • Brentwood, TN (IT Solutions Provider: Healthcare, Financial, NGO & General)

“Bill started working with us in 2013. Since then, he’s helped us craft our Vision, create a workable strategic plan, increase sales & profitability, introduce new products & services, hire, build and retain the right TEAM…and build a platform for sustainable growth. We had a record year in 2014. He’s been there when we needed him, as a consultant, coach…and more.”


Career Pursuit Coaching Client

"I was working hard applying for lots of jobs, getting lots of interviews and offers – but as soon as I started working with Carolyn, her approach helped me realize I might not be applying for the best-fit opportunities for me.  I needed a full career pursuit strategy.         

"By starting with my Teamability ® study she helped me understand what was unique about me and how I like to contribute to any work I do.  She provided tools to help me focus on what type of work would really satisfy me, how to highlight my accomplishments and how to put my best self forward to pursue the career of my dreams – not just a job.  My interviewing and negotiating skills have really improved from working with Carolyn – who has been available to me as opportunities are unfolding.  From resume to post-interview strategy I have learned skills that will help me for life.    

"I have found working with Carolyn very helpful to pursue the next level in my career and it has been nice to have a “teammate” throughout this process – and I have recommended her to others.     


Vice President of Sales • Valley Packaging Corp. 

"Lynn Henderson and her work with Teamability ® was very helpful to our company and management team.  We felt we had an employee who was not in the correct slot and we needed outside perspective as we considered our options. Lynn skillfully helped assess this employee using Teamability ® and consulted with us to determine the best plan going forward.  She helped the employee determine his gifts and develop a vision for the kind of job that would allow him to use his talents to the fullest. The employee was treated with great respect and care and has now transitioned to a job that he is thriving in. It was a " win-win" for all concerned. Thank you Lynn!" 

Managing Director at Industrial Strength Marketing • Brentwood, TN (Digital Marketing)

“Bill, simply put, was a life changer for me. As an entrepreneur in a professional transition, his career development expertise has been invaluable to me, to say the least. And his strategic guidance in my consulting practice allowed me to grow my existing business while exploring what was next. Not to mention that he's one of the most likable and genuinely caring guys I've ever met, who became a true friend along the way. I highly recommend Bill for executive coaching, leadership development, and frankly just someone you want to have on your side as you navigate your personal and professional life.”

Founder • Sports4All Foundation

Carolyn has been “all-access” to our constantly evolving non-profit.  From insights on forming more effective teams, to program development and fundraising strategies, Carolyn is a versatile resource.    As Founder of a non-profit, you are responsible for so many different aspects of the organization.  Establishing a clear mission, staffing, resourcing, fundraising, operations, and more.   Having a resource like Carolyn and Coherent Counsel enables me and our board to have an objective voice that has experience in all of these areas.  Every business or organization deals with unexpected curveballs.  It is harder to quickly respond when you are a non-profit with unique guidelines, limited people and funds.  Regardless of what day or hour we reach out to Carolyn—she is ready to listen and provide the help we are needing, when we need it.        

President at Pathway Lending, Nashville, TN (Banking/Financial)

“We started utilizing Coherent Counsel 3 years ago to coach our executive team. Since that time, we’ve successfully engaged Bill and his team for strategic planning/facilitation, board facilitation, hiring, interviewing and ongoing coaching/consulting support. He’s been nimble enough to adjust quickly to our changing needs while successfully performing as we’ve needed him.”

Fortune 50  Marketing Executive • Career Transition Coaching Client

"Working with Carolyn DeWitt and her Career Pursuit Methodology has been incredibly helpful.  She brings a goal-driven process, tools and organized structure that enables you to find the right position for your career development.  Other tools and entities I’ve used in the past (books, placement services, on-line resources) have not even come close to being this custom designed for me and my personal career transition.

"Being introduced to the Teamability ® report has been an extremely useful part of working with Coherent Counsel. No other organization that I've worked with has this 'deep dive' capability, going beyond the Myers-Briggs type of personality analysis to help determine the best type of positions to pursue.  This would have been very valuable at the beginning of my career, and would be highly useful in a university setting. 

"The other great aspect of working with Carolyn is how she guides you through your plan using a formal structure to leverage your own experiences, accomplishments and existing connections in a whole new way.  She teaches you how to activate your personal network and create a large job-hunting force working for you to uncover the unadvertised jobs, and find the right fit.   Carolyn works with you every step of the way to pursue the kind of work you are meant to do – how to find it and go get it.   I’ve never been more prepared to go into an interview in my life." 

General Manager • Nashville, TN

"I had the opportunity to work with Carolyn DeWitt in developing a holistic assessment and uplift of our business as we entered our second year in the market.  She used a logical, structured and hands-on approach that all began with understanding me and my capabilities for leading the stores’ success.  Next, she really dove in to understand The Olive Oil Store and our unique products and value proposition.  We went from a store with no sales goals, tactics and marketing resources to having an entire retail business plan and marketing strategy.

"Together, we assessed every component of the business from staffing, operations, customer service and marketing.  We met regularly to develop a plan that would build upon our foundation and evolve all these aspects of the business.  Carolyn provided customized tools and guidance to help me understand the business in a more informed way.  The development assignments and strategy discussions resulted in a year-long marketing plan and new business development strategy."