What We Do

Whether Hiring, Building, Managing, Repairing or Preparing Teams - we have a unique approach

that gives Leaders and Organizations the counsel and tools to help address their specific need.  We have found that most every organizational desire to improve, achieve more, hire better, or deliver results -- begins with your people.  

We help Individuals and Teams find alignment. People want to be challenged and satisfied in their work – but may not know where they should fit in their team. Or, if they do know what their ideal work-fit is – they may not know how to get there.  In our work with individuals or organizations we help people find alignment do this in a constructive, non-threatening way—with encouragement and a plan. 

  • Team analytics.
  • Team repair/development.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Leadership development/coaching.
  • Executive mentoring.
  • Sales coaching.
  • Hiring and behavioral interviewing. 

That is why each of us is certified in the Technology of Teaming ® suite of tools. Tools and methods based on research and development by the Behavioral Scientists at The Gabriel Institute.  We give you the power to apply behavioral science to form the high-performing teams in your business or non-profit organization.   From there—we assemble the right combination of approach, coaching, and knowledge transfer to implement your vision with your best team.    

We are experienced in working with organizations large and small. Publicly-traded corporations and family-owned businesses. Large NGO’s and small non-profits. We understand the dynamics for each type and can help you discern where gaps and opportunities lay.